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Centre for Research in Information and Cyber Security

Information and Cyber Security Graduates

Year Degree PhD or Master's Name of graduate Title of Dissertation / Thesis Supervisor / Promoter Co-supervisors / Co-promoters
1990 Master's Deetlefs, N. Effective Business Continuation in the   1990's with specific reference to Information Technology von Solms, R.  
1991 Master's Retief, A. The use of Expert Systems in Intelligent Computer-based Learning  von Solms, R.  
1992 Master's van de Haar, H.  Effective Information Security through Risk Evaluation von Solms, R.  
1993 Master's Janse van Rensburg, D. Conventional System Development Methodologies vs CASE Based Methodologies von Solms, R.  
1995 Master's Button, D Continuity Planning in small to Medium sized Organizations von Solms, R.  
1995 Master's Halliday, S. Risk Analysis in Small to Medium sized Organizations von Solms, R.  
1995 Master's Meyer, L. Information Security Evaluation: The ISO 9000 Route von Solms, R.  
1998 Master's Holland, M. The Effective and Secure Selling Information effectively on the Internet von Solms, R.  
1999 Master's Thomson, M Effective Information Security Awareness to Industry von Solms, R.  
1999 Master's Barnard, L. The Development of a Model for the Effective Evaluation of Information Security in an Organization von Solms, R.  
2000 Master's Krige, W. The Usage of audit Logs for effective Information Security Management von Solms, R.  
2002 Master's Botha, M. The utilization of Trend Analysis in the Effective Monitoring of Information Security von Solms, R.  
2002 Master's Vermeulen, C  The Development of a Methodology to Implement an Information Security Management System in an Organization von Solms, R.  
2002 Master's Gerber, M. The Development of a Technique to establish the Security Requirements of an Organization  von Solms, R.  
2002 Master's Papenfus , C. A Model for utilising self-protecting shells in an Electronic Workflow Environment  Botha, R von Solms, R.
2002 Master's Perelson, S. A Model for the Administration of Separation of Duty Requirements in Workflow Environments. Botha, R.A.  
2002 Master's Papenfus, C. A Model for the Enforcement of History-based Separation of Duty in Heterogeneous Workflow Environments. Botha, R.A.  
2003 Master's Botha, J. A Methodology to develop a Business Continuity plan for Small to Medium Sized Organizations von Solms, R.  
2004 PhD Botha, M. The Utilization of Trend Analysis in the Effective Monitoring of Information Security von Solms, R.  
2004 Master's Thomson, K-L Integrating Information Security into Corporate Culture von Solms, R.  
2004 Master's Dixon, H.  Email security policy implementation in multinational organizations with special reference to privacy laws von Solms, R.  
2004 Master's Cameron, H. A framework for the e-enabling of Automotive Supply Chains Botha, R.A.  
2004 Master's de Villiers, P.  A content-based billing model for XML documents Botha, R.A.  
2004 Master's Ophoff,  J. WSP3: A web-service model for protecting personal privacy Botha, R.A.  
2004 Master's Sing-Min, Y. The development of a model for Organizing Educational Resources on an Intranet Botha, R.A.  
2005 Master's van Niekerk, J Establishing an information security culture in organizations: An Outcomes Based Education approach von Solms, R.  
2005 Master's Viljoen, S.  Applying a framework for IT Governance in South African Higher Education Institutions von Solms, R.  
2005 Master's Erwee, C.  Implementing the CoSAWoE model in a commercial workflow product Botha, R.A.  
2005 Master's Rugherford, A. Introducing Hippocratic Log Files for Personal Privacy Control Botha, R.A.  
2006 Master's Mears, L. Towards a Framework for Corporate Information Governance von Solms, R.  
2006 Master's Posthumus, S. M. Corporate Information Risk: An Information Security Governance Framework von Solms, R.  
2006 Master's Chen, H.  A framework for secure mobility in wireless overlay networks Botha, R.A.  
2007 PhD Flowerday, S. Restoring Trust by Verifying Information Integrity through Continuous Auditing von Solms, R.  
2007 Master's Gross, R. The Effective Combatting of Intrusion Attacks through Fuzzy Logic and Neural Networks von Solms, R.  
2007 Master's R Mulder, R.  The Proliferation of Wireless Communication and its effects on Corporate Governance von Solms, R.  
2007 Master's Lategan, N. EPiRISMM: An Enterprise Information Risk Management Model von Solms, R.  
2007 Master's Olivier, C. MoVIS: A Model for the Visualisation of Network Information Security von Solms, R.  
2007 Master's Futcher, L.  A Model for Integrating Information Security into the Software Development Life Cycle von Solms, R.  
2007 Master's Blundell, A. W. Continuous Auditing Technologies and Models von Solms, R.  
2007 Master's Mauwa, H. Information Security Awareness: Generic Content, Tools and Techniques von Solms, R.  
2007 Master's Tyukala,M.  Governing Information Security Using Organisational Information Security Profile Pottas, D von Solms, R.
2007 Master's du Preez, R.  The cost of free Instant Messaging: A threat modeling perspective Botha, R.A.  
2007 Master's Gaadingwe, T.  A critical review of the IFIP TC11 conference series Botha, R.A.  
2007 Master's Thomas, G.  A framework for secure mobile computing in healthcare) Botha, R.A.  
2007 Master's Reyneke, A.  Using Agreements as an Abstraction for Access Control Administration Botha, R.A.  
2008 PhD Thomson, K-L MISSTEV: A Model for the Integration of Information Security and Corporate Culture von Solms, R.  
2008 Master's Kaselowski, E. Information Security Governance in Local Municipalities von Solms, R.  
2008 Master's Ngcingwana, E. N. An investigation into the implementation of regulation-based E-procurement in the Eastern Cape Provincial Administration van Niekerk, J. F.  
2009 Master's Viljoen, M. Information Security Governance: Effective Reporting von Solms, R.  
2009 Master's Koornhof, H Information Security Governance in Small Organizations von Solms, R.  
2009 Master's Victor, R.  A model for Enhancing Presence Handling in Instant Messaging Botha, R.A.  
2009 Master's Willemse, M. Incorporating Mobile Technology in Showroom Sales Environments Botha, R.A.  
2009 Master's Adebisi, A. A. Information Communication and Technology in Port Elizabeth secondary schools: Exploring the digital divide van Niekerk, J. F.  
2009 Master's Du Preez, C. Addressing the digital divide through the implementation of a wireless school network van Niekerk, J. F.  
2009 Master's Goss, R. G. Enabling E-learning 2.0 in Information Security Education: A semantic Web approach van Niekerk, J. F.  
2010 PhD M Gerber, M.  The Management of Information related Risks through identification of Information Security Requirements von Solms, R.  
2010 PhD Posthumus, S. A Model for aligning information technology strategic and tactical management von Solms, R.  
2010 Master's Domingues, S. Navigating between information security standards: A modeling methodology Botha, R.A.  
2010 Master's Monk, T. Educating users about information security awareness by means of game play van Niekerk, J. F.  
2010 Master's Deysel, N. A model for Information Security Audit for small to medium sized organisations (based on COBIT, ISO/IEC 27001 and ISO/IEC 27002) Gerber, M.  
2011 PhD van Niekerk, J. Fostering Information Security Culture through integrating Theory and Technology von Solms, R.  
2011 PhD Rastogi, R.  Information Security Service Management – A service management approach to Information Security Management von Solms, R.  
2011 PhD Ophoff, J. A Model for Privacy-aware Presence Management in Mobile Communications  Botha, R.A.  
2011 Master's Butgereit, L. C3TO: A scalable architecture for Mobile Chat Based Tutoring  Botha, R.A.  
2011 Master's Jurgens, G. From desktop to mobile: A framework for function and content transformation Botha, R.A.  
2011 Master's du Preez, R. A model for Green IT Strategy: A content analysis approach (MBA dissertation) Botha, R.A.  
2012 PhD Futcher, L. An Integrated Risk-based approach to support IT Undergraduate Students in Secure Software Development von Solms, R.  
2012 PhD Piderit, R. A Model for Enhancing Trust in South African Automotive Supply Chains through Information Technology Flowerday, S von Solms, R.
2012 Master's de Lange, M Guidelines to establish an e-Safety Awareness in South Africa von Solms, R.  
2012 Master's Jansson, K. Á Model for Cultivating Social Engineering Resistance within a Community von Solms, R.  
2012 Master's Maninjwa, P. Managing an Information Security Policy Architecture: A Technical Documentation Perspective  Thomson, K-L von Solms, R.
2012 Master's Stieger, E.  A Framework for the Development of a Personal Information Security Agent  von Solms, R.  
2012 Master's Ntlatywa, P. Factors that influence the choice of privacy settings on social networking sites Botha, R.A.  
2012 Master’s Swanepoel, Eranee A Model for E-voting in Developing Countries: A South African Perspective Thomson, K-L. van Greunen, D.
2013 Master's Frauenstein, E. The Development of a Framework to Mitigate Phishing Threats von Solms, R. Thomson, K-L
2013 Master's Coertze, J. A Framework for Information Security Governance in SMMEs von Solms, R.  
2013 Master's Fouche, J. Electronic Communication Continuity Planning from the Perspective of an Individual von Solms, R.  
2013 Master's Snaddon, J. P.  A Framework to assist the Implementation  of Strategic Aspects Relating to IT Governance  Gerber, M. von Solms, R.
2013 Master's Marais, J. A Framework for Parental Control  of Mobile Devices in South Africa Van Niekerk, J  
2013 PhD Butgereit, L. A Model For Automated Topic Spotting in a Mobile Chat Based Mathematics Tutoring Environment  Botha, R.A.  
2013 Master's Makitla, I. A Conceptual Model Of An Access-Technology Agnostic Delivery Mechanism For ICT4D Services  Botha, R.A. Herselman, M.E
2013 Master's Boshoff, R A baseline for information security knowledge for end users van Niekerk, J. F.  
2013 Master's Fouche, N. P. Guidelines for the Adaption of TETRA Educational Programmes to Address Human Behavioural Issues Thomson, K-L. van Niekerk, J. F.
2013 Master's Okere, I. O. A control framework for the assessment of information security culture van Niekerk, J. F. Caroll,M.
2013 Master's Reid, R A Brain-compatible approach to the presentation of cyber security educational material van Niekerk, J. F.  
2013 Master’s Gerber, T. VoIP: a corporate governance approach to avoid the risk of civil liability Thomson, K-L. Gerber, M.
2014 PhD Willett (Viljoen), M. A framework for assuring conformance of cloud-based email at higher education institutions  von Solms, R.  
2014 PhD Johl, C.  A value framework for information and communication technology governance in South African higher education institutions von Solms, R.  Flowerday, V.S.
2014 Master's Kortjan, N.  Information Security Awareness and Education  von Solms, R.  
2014 Master's Marais, C Guidelines for the use of the Indie approach in game development projects in the context of a capstone experience Futcher, L.A Van Niekerk,J.F.
2015 Master's Mooi, R. A model for security incident response in the South African National Research and Education Network Botha, R  
2015 Master's Van de Haar, P Towards a wireless local area network security control framework for small, medium and micro enterprise’s in South Africa van Niekerk, J. F.  
2015 Master's Colesky, M. SecMVC a model for secure software design based on the model-view-controller pattern Futcher, L.A Van Niekerk, J.F                                                 Gerber, M. 
2015 Master’s Von Schoultz, D. Guidelines for the Analysis of Student Web Usage in Support of Primary Educational Objectives Thomson, K-L. van Niekerk, J. F.                                              Gerber, M.
2015 Master’s Mjikeliso, Y. Guidelines to address the Human Factor in the South African National Research and Education Network Beneficiary Institutions Van Niekerk, J.F Thomson, K-L.
2016 Master’s Mogale, M Information Security Assurance Model for an Examination Paper Preparation Process in a Higher Education Institution Gerber, M. Von Solms, R.
2016 PhD Coertze, J.J. A Maturity Grid-based Method for Assessing Communication in Business-IT Alignment von Solms, R.  
2016 PhD Isabirye, N. A Framework for Enhancing Trust for improved participation in E-marketplaces accessed from Mobile Platforms Flowerday, S. Von Solms, R.
2016 Master's Scholman, D Protection of Personal Information in the South African Cloud Computing Environment: A Framework for Cloud Computing Adoption Gerber, M.